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About Liberty Website Design


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Affordable Websites and Web Development

From design to development, we work with our clients providing affordable web solutions including Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization and Graphic Design. We're proud to be an American Business ourselves and wish to promote other small businesses across our country, keeping America Strong and Small Business thriving, One Website at a time

How we got started in the Web Design and Web Marketing Business

It appeared to us several years ago that Corporate America, with their deep pockets had taken over most of the internet search results leaving small business at a huge disadvantage of being found by potential customers.

Small businesses are finding it harder and harder to gain ranking online and it is so costly to hire a big web design and see firm, This situation not only hurts small business, it hurts the consumer. This is America, and this is not the American way! We should be supporting small business. Our country was built upon entrepreneurship.

Liberty Website Design Supports Small Business America

We Support Small Business America On The Web

Realizing that most small business owners opt to struggle with building their own website, typically using a template with little to no knowledge on how to best optimize for search results, we wanted to help. Additionally, we found many small business owners attempting to market themselves online hoping to drive traffic to their website bearing little to no results. We found most small business owners were struggling due to their tight budget and were hesitant to fork out thousands of dollars into web development. We wanted to help.

We decided to put an end to that and began our crusade to make affordable websites and internet marketing tailored specifically to Small Business America. Simply put, we want you, Small Business America, to succeed.

Testimonials 5 star rating across the web

"We have a 100% satisfaction rate with our clients and hold a 5 star rating across the web".


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